• Music

   All about it. I've been a bass player for the past 20 years (and some guitar) and really miss playing out. I've been in a few bands: ZZ Top Tribute, Metallica Tribute, 80's Hair Band-type music, original punk and even a pirate band. I love performing and playing music. Hopefully covid-19 will end soon.

  • Gaming

   I've been a HUGE gamer since grade school. Started with D&D (the dice, books, modules, etc.) from back in the late 70's..and I STILL have my books! Also came from the Atari 2600 days (still have that too, along with cartridges), then Nintendo, then PS1. I skipped to the PS4 and still play games like Destiny, Astro Bot VR, as well as some re-releases of vintage arcade games. PC games, of course. Steam account with lots I haven't even played yet, World of Warcraft consumes me here and there. Still have old PC systems with vintage games (Mortal Kombat, Ultima Underworld, the Lawnmower Man and the original DOOM)

  • Collections

   Wow..collect MANY things. Still have a comic book collection from the days when they were 20 cents, Marvel cards, KISS collectibles (have a dedicated room), vintage computers (Apple IIe, old 386, 486, early Pentiums), bass guitars, old game platforms...just happens when you get older. You hang onto things that keep your youth and make you feel good.

"You may not believe it, but I:"
  • hate raw tomatoes. No idea why. Texture makes me sick. Salsa's ok.
  • never saw "Dawn of the Dead"
  • went to a catholic grade school with all the nuns as teachers
  • wanted to be a priest
  • was an altar boy (yes, an altar boy)
  • read the Rubiks Cube Solution book to learn how to solve it
  • love chess but have no strategy..so I suck at it.
  • never understood why 24 hr. convenience stores have locks on the door
  • took 8 years of Spanish and never went to Spain or Mexico
  • love dogs more than people
  • spilled water on my gown the day before college graduation and dried it with an iron..while wearing it. Leg had 3rd degree burns. Smart.
  • got busted sipping the wine before a mass I served to see what it really was.
  • was a personal trainer and manager in a gym for 10 years and worked out a lot
  • bought all the seasons of The Partridge Family on Amazon video
  • brought and played with Batman toys in the CCBC Lobby (now the IRC) while my mother was a student and working for the President
  • still get freaked out watching "The Exorcist"
  • have no idea how the Kardashians have a tv show