Ok Gang, here's a bio page for your amusement. Seriously, people wonder just what kind of background, knowledge and experience their instructors have so they feel more inclined to feel at ease in some respects. Sure, you can b.s. on your resumes, portfolios, whatever...but my philosophy is...one day, you'll get called on a problem and if you can't handle it, your credibility goes down the tubes and you'll look like an idiot...and maybe even lose your job.

...so don't lie. Don't "pretend" you know how to do something. The BEST I.T. people I've ever worked with are the ones who can admit, "you know, I don't know but I'll find out for you." Many I.T. people think they know everything and will try to convince you that they know what they're doing when they don't. Many LIE. Why? To make them look better? To impress you or others? To make you think they're "cool". Please. That's all crap. If you don't know a topic or definition to a term, then fine. Look it up. You learn something new every day.

  Well, In a nutshell, I have been a computer nerd since 1983. I've used MANY systems, operating environments, programming languages and have done some self-training in other areas of computing. I'm no genius, believe me. I just know a few things and picked up some stuff along the way that has proved useful. Many of you as well have dipped into the nerd world in some form or fashion. Games, tech toys, tv shows, whatever. Believe me, I'm with ya. So, this area has some information, both professional and personal, that you may wish to look at...just to maybe give you an idea where I'm from, what I do, maybe have common interests or hobbies, or whatever. Feel free to dip into my world if you like.

  - Drew